Paintings and Sculptures
by Canadian Artists

Our featured artists:
   Drissia Abid
   Matin Bayani
   Wayne Bissky
   Madison Hart
   Tiffany Hastie
   Carl Schlademan


2023-02-04: This week we have added to our inventory series of new works by our artists. They are different in composition and colour. Please stop by the gallery or view the images online

2021-06-25: Creativity and willingness to move forward is the only answer to this brutal pandemic; and explicit route that two of our artists have taken. The ten new works added to our inventory by Amanda Jones & Madison Hart, are the perfect examples. Please stop by the gallery or view the images online.

2021-05-08: New and exciting works added by Ingrid Christensen, Perry Haddock and ceramic sculptor Elaine Brewer-White.

2019-10-26: We are pleased to announce the representation of Canadian Wildlife Artist, Roy Hinz. Works of Roy Hinz can be found in numerous collections worldwide. The gallery's selection of these beautifully carved works is truly an inspiring commitment to unmistakable wilderness. A must see exhibit in the gallery to fully appreciate the artist's skillfulness.

2019-08-27: We are very excited to introduce our newest artist, a world renowned sculptor Tom Hjorleifson. His work is found in private and corporate collections internationally. Bronze is his preferred medium, but he also incorporates elements of stainless steel and stone. These sculptures are truly stunning. You must visit the gallery if you are in the area to appreciate his great talent.

2019-02-01: New arrivals: just added a few new pieces by Jane Armstrong and Min Ma. Jane's poppies compositions are always colorful and vibrant; a distinct images for all seasons. Min's landscapes take one on the quest through the Canadian winter and into the Rockies.

2018-12-04: This week we have added to our inventory new works by Madison Hart and Ron Hedrick. Both styles are very different in composition and colour. Hart's works are playful expressive with bright colours. Hedrick's unique signature style will take you on a journey through some of the magnificent places in nature.

2018-11-14: Saturday, November 10, our gallery celebrated an opening of a special group exhibit titled "CYCLES OF NATURE", featuring six of our established artists: Rod Charlesworth, Tinyan Chan, Olaf Schneider, Matin Bayani, Shirley Elias and James E. Wood. The opening was well attended by variety of collectors. The exhibit will continue until Friday November 30, 2018. Although a few of the works have sold, the remaining selection is quite stunning. You can certainly find your favored image for your home or the office. We encourage you to stop by the gallery, or view the selection on our website. See you soon!

2017-10-12: REMEMBERING - BERGE MISSAKIAN, 1933 - 2017. We are sad to announce the passing of this very talented and prolific contemporary artist. Berge Missakian was a master of creating soulful paintings that celebrate life. RIP

2016-11-05: We are very excited to introduce our two new and accomplished Canadian artists with amazing styles; Olaf Schneider is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape, and Madison Hart whose pieces represent her thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences. Their works are now on display. In recent months, we have also added several new and colorful pieces by H.E. Kuckein, Jane Armstrong, Matin Bayani, Slava Tch, Robert Wood, Carl Schlademan, Rod Charlesworth, Elaine-Brewer White and Shirley Elias. We welcome you to stop by the gallery for your fall/winter selection.

2016-02-27: Check out the new works by Perry Haddock, Dale Dumas, Matin Bayani, Ingrid Christensen, Katerina Mertikas and beautiful sculptures by James Wood. Currently on display and available for your spring selection.

2015-11-28: REMEMBERING - H.E. KUCKEIN, 1930 - 2015. An extraordinary man in innumerable ways: artist, scholar and teacher, he contributed to and affected many lives. May he rest in peace.

2015-11-19: We have recently added some new and exciting works by the following artists: Slava Tch, Jane Armstrong, Amanda Jones, Jessica Hedrick and Wayne Bissky.

2015-10-01: IN MEMORIAM - RENE LEMAY, 1934-2015. A brilliant artist with powerful imagination. One of Canada's best! RIP.

2015-09-26: Our "LIFEDREAMS" exhibit opened on Saturday, September 26th and will continue until Saturday, October 17th. We invite you to explore the distinctive brilliance and colour of these contemporary artists: Ron Hedrick, Rod Charlesworth, Tinyan Chan, Matin Bayani and Shirley Elias.

2015-03-25: A delightful, new and exciting works were recently added to our inventory by the following artists: H.E Kuckein, Jessica Hedrick, Matin Bayani, Perry Haddock, Gina Rubin, Amanda Jones, Tiffany Hastie and Jane Armstrong. Please stop by the gallery for a quick viewing.

2014-11-21: We are very pleased to announce the new arrivals by Rod Charlesworth, Matin Bayani, Ron Hedrick, Slava Tch, Min Ma, Tinyan Chan, Shirley Elias, Carl Schlademan, Rene Lemay, Dale Dumas, Berge Missakian and Jane Armstrong. Please view the works on our website, and as always, we encourage you to stop by the gallery to really enjoy the vibrant colors, brush strokes and the unique approach to compositions by each individual artist.

2014-09-20: New and creative works have been added to the gallery inventory by Bob & Lloyd Barnes, Katerina Mertikas, Matin Bayani, Rod Charlesworth, Ron Hedrick, Perry Haddock and James E. Wood. Please visit the gallery and view these stunning compositions.

2014-07-18: New arrivals! Check out these new fabulous works by H.E. Kuckein, Tinyan Chan, Matin Bayani, Carl Schlademan and Sophie Paquet. Experience the vibrant colors and unique style of each artist. These new works are now part of a very impressive gallery collection.

2014-05-16: The opening night of the group show "SEASONS" was well attended and there was much appreciation for the fabulous art on display. The place was buzzing with good energy and everyone was simply having a great time. All artists were available to answer questions from eager collectors and a lucky few had a chance to acquire some beautiful works. The exhibit continues until May 31st. We encourage all art lovers to stop by the gallery and to view this stunning selection.

2014-04-29: You are cordially invited to attend opening night celebration of "SEASONS" - Group Show, featuring; Laurie Koss, Jane Armstrong, Perry Haddock, Gina Rubin, Ingrid Christensen and Amanda Jones. Opening Reception: Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Exhibit continues until Saturday, May 31, 2014.

2014-04-29: To RSVP for our "SEASONS" - Group Show - Opening Reception, please contact the gallery at: Tel: 604-687-7466 or email us at: info@rendezvousartgallery.com

2014-03-25: We welcome another new Canadian artist to our gallery. Her name is Katerina Mertikas. Here is a brilliant colourist whose work has been selected by UNICEF and the Canadian Lung Association for cards, stamps and posters to help raise funds for their charities. Her works are now on display!

2014-03-22: Rendezvous Art Gallery is proud to welcome a very accomplished artist Tinyan Chan, whose remarkable works are admired and collected worldwide. This weekend we have added ten of the artist's pieces to our inventory. If you are in the area, you must stop by the gallery and view the works with their brilliant colors and exciting compositions. Ron Hedrick's new piece "Autumn River - Rock Creek" is absolutely stunning with beautiful colors and elegant brush strokes. Rene Lemey with his innovative style has given us four new amazing works.

2014-03-15: New works received by H. Kuckein, Carl Schlademan and Amanda Jones this weekend!

2013-10-15: The opening night of the Rhythm of Colours Exhibition was a great success. We had a full house for the full evening, which included the artists: H. E. Kuckein, Cathryn Jenkins, Matin Bayani, Angela Au Hemphill, Greta Guzek and Slava Tch. It was a fabulous evening with plenty of pleasant conversation and excitement. The artwork will remain on display until October 31, 2013, come down and take a look.

2013-08-26: New works received by Jane Armstrong, Ron Hedrick, Gina Rubin and Ingrid Christensen this weekend!

2013-07-15: New works received by Amanda Jones, Jane Armstrong, Dale Dumas and Matin Bayani this weekend!

2013-06-22: New works received by Betty Sager this weekend!

2013-06-17: New works received by H. Kuckein, Cathryn Jenkins, Elaine Brewer-White, and Greta Guzek this weekend, come down and take a look!

2013-06-10: Check out our latest artist, René Lemay. We are very excited to be showing his work!

2013-06-09: New works received by Jessica Hedrick, Amanda Jones, and Perry Haddock this weekend!

2013-06-02: New works received by Jane Armstrong and Drissia Abid this weekend, please come down and take a look!

2013-05-25: New works received by Rod Charlesworth, and Carl Schlademan this weekend!

2013-05-25: New works received by Matin Bayani, Perry Haddock and Jae Dougall this weekend!

2013-05-07: Welcome to the gallery Cathryn Jenkins.

2013-05-07: New works received by Roger Luko, Matin Bayani and Dale Dumas this weekend!

2013-05-01: Welcome to the gallery H. Kuckein.

2013-04-22: New works received by Carl Schlademan and Ron Hedrick this weekend!

2013-04-22: Drissia Abid has brought us in a stunning new collection of her sculptures.

2013-04-05: Greg Metz, Dale Dumas and Drissia Abid brought us new works this week!

2013-04-03: Matin Bayani brought us new works this week, come down and take a look!

2013-03-24: Jane Armstrong brought us new works this week, come down and take a look!

2013-03-05: Greta Guzek and Justin Beckett brought us new works this week!

2013-03-03: Rod Charlesworth brought us new works this week!

2013-02-28: Jane Armstrong, Perry Haddock, and Slava Tch brought us new works this week!

2013-02-17: Amanda Jones, Matin Bayani, and Shirley Elias brought us new works this week!

2013-02-03: Ron Hedrick has brought us in four new paintings. Come and see them for yourselves!

2012-10-16: Jane Armstrong has brought us in two large brilliantly textured florals this week.

2012-08-24: Amanda Jones, Elaine Brewer-White and Laurie Koss brought us new works this week!

2012-08-24: Amanda Jones, Elaine Brewer-White and Laurie Koss brought us new works this week!

2012-08-20: Ron Sangha has brought in some new enticing scenes of Vancouver.

2012-08-16: Welcome to the gallery Linny D. Vine!

2012-07-24: Check us out on Twitter (@RendezvousArts) and Facebook (RendezVous Art Gallery) for regular updates on new works and exhibitions.

2012-07-23: We have very exciting news! We'll be hosting a fabulous three man show featuring Min Ma, Ron Hedrick and Rod Charlesworth on September 28th, 2012! Stay tuned for more information.

2012-07-13: Ron Sangha will be doing a demonstration of his digital painting techniques at the Four Seasons (791 West Georgia) this July 14th and 15th from 10am to 4:30pm.

2012-07-12: We've got some gorgeous new jewelry in by Naomi Evans!

2012-07-09: We've received two new paintings by Berge Missakian.

2012-06-12: Brand new works in from Laurie Koss and Jae Dougall.

2012-05-15: Take a browse through the Bob and Lloyd Barnes page. We received 11 new pieces!

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