Min Ma
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Min Ma was born in 1955. At the age of 18, Min attended Art college for three years of formal training. Following college he applied to, and was accepted at, the prestigious and highly regarded China Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated in 1982 with a bachelor of fine arts degree (BFA) and taught fine arts at the Shandong University until 1986, when he came to Canada. He has lived in numerous cities throughout North America.

Developing an interest in art in his early childhood, Min was well into his career as a professional artist, where he has received much critical success, at a relatively young age. Min's work shows a serious professional commitment to fine art. His painting style is easily accessible to all, and the depth and breadth of his skill is apparent at the first viewing. Min's paintings are vivid, with clarity of colour and tone that add depth and feeling to his vision. The subject matter of Min's paintings is very diverse and the versatility in his subjects keep him energized with a passion to create. His sphere of artistic interest includes landscape, still life, portraits, and human figures. Recently, Min's main focus is landscapes in acrylic. His work directly reflects the passion of natural beauty. Min constantly displays sensitivity, accuracy and an amazing attention to detail in his work to describe the reality of what he sees around him. After many years of exhibiting in group and solo shows at various galleries, he has received widespread recognition for the quality of his work, and his success has brought his painting to the attention of both private collectors and corporate clients across Canada and the US.

Min currently resides in Vancouver, BC and continues to develop a new vocabulary in his painting.

Min Ma, in his own words:

I've been painting for almost 35 years now.Just like how I feel my life is a work in progress, so are my paintings Ė constantly evolving and changing they are reflective of the journeys Iíve taken thus far.My earlier formative years were spent training in a rather traditional manner.I studied from 18th and 19th century artistsí techniques with an emphasis on portraits, human figures and painting en plein air, using oil as my medium.This has influenced by style with a strong sensitivity to colour, light and mood.Painting en plein air provides an open air and natural setting that gives a raw and authentic feeling to each piece and heightens my emotional awareness as I make each stroke.It also opens up new possibilities with technique, colour and clarity that you cannot experience elsewhere.More importantly, it has laid a strong foundation to develop my own technique and methodology that allowed me to experiment with various styles and explore different avenues of art.

For the past 15 years, Iíve shifted my focus towards landscapes.Iíve realized that the most beautiful place in the work is right outside my doorstep, where I can capture the beauty and wonder of the Rockies to the West Coast and everything in between.To seize the essence of nature, I often travel, then convey my impressions and feelings through art.My interest in the landscape has existed for a long time because nature is constantly changing and itís these changes, albeit subtle, thatelicit a different emotion every time I put brush to canvas.

My goal when painting, above all else, is to create a tension in which I push maximum freedom through lighting, colour, mood and composition to present a reasonable balance between the rational and irrational.

I always enjoy a challenge.I try to offer new insights and provide a fresh look with every painting and hope to bring a sense of joy and peace to the viewers who share my sentiments.

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Autumn's Beginnings - 24 x 36
Bright Day, Peggy's Cove - 24 x 30

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