Roy Hinz
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Since 2001, Canadian Wildlife Artist, Roy Hinz, has created unique stone sculptures from his
studio located in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

The Canadian Natural world has always been a nurturing part of Roy’s life and
it is the primary focus of his work. An avid outdoorsman with a keen eye for nature’s ways,
Roy’s soapstone carvings reflect his love of western Canada’s inspiring wilderness.
Roy has developed a unique style, unmistakably his own, expressed in pieces of surprising detail, realism and power.

Trained as a commercial artist, Roy gave up a successful career in graphic design to pursue
his passion. “I had experimented with watercolours and acrylics, but it wasn’t until
I drew a file across a piece of unpolished soapstone that I knew I’d found it.”
It is a skilled artisan’s homage to a world most of us will never actually catch
a glimpse of in the wild.

His work can be found showcased in art galleries in western Canada as well as private
and corporate collections throughout the world

Available Artwork by Roy Hinz

Thunder - 10 x 14
Snow White - 16 x 8
Freedom - 16 x 21
Day Dreamin' - 10 x 23

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