Ron Hedrick
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Ron Hedrick was born in Vancouver in 1942 and has always lived in British Columbia.

Hedrick enjoyed painting as a hobby until relocating to a lakeside cabin at Paul Lake near Kamloops, B.C. in 1981. The beauty of the area inspired him to make painting a vocation and in 1982 he joined the FCA and a year later had his first successful show. He had his first art instruction in 1986 with Karl Wood.

In the early stages of his career development he attended workshops from renowned artists such as William Reese and Carolyn Anderson and the Ron Lucas School of Art in Seattle. As his knowledge grew he became more interested in the Russian Movement and its emerging variations of the impressionist school.

Hedrick calls himself a 'colorist' and has achieved his eloquence in oils over the many years since he launched his career in Kamloops all those years ago. An ambitious Luminary of Canadian Impression, Hedrick was initially inspired by Tom Thomsonand the Group of Seven as well as French Impressionists Monet and Sisley.

Hedrick's impressionist flair catches light in a way that masters it and his accurate and intermittent brush strokes combine complimentary colours with alternating sharp and subtle edges. The interplay of light and shadow compel the viewer to draw closer and experience his wonderful work.

Hedrick lives in Mission, B.C. with his wife, where he conducts weekly classes in his studio and paints the landscapes and nostalgic scenery that he has become famous for.

Ron Hedrick has become a well-known and respected artist whose work is loved and sought after by private and corporate collectors all across Canada and the US. He is represented by reputable galleries across Canada.

"My canvas is a conceptual window that suggests a moment rather than defines it". -Ron Hedrick


Available Artwork by Ron Hedrick

shipmates 2 - 16 x 20
WINDY SURF (2) - 14" x 11"
BEACH VISIT - 14" x 11"
SETTING SAIL - 9" x 12"
October Skies - 36 x 48
Maiden Voyage - 20 x 30
Rural Routes - 36 x 40
Natures Hockey Rink - 20 x 24
Hockey Players - 16 x 20
Arrow Lake Viewpoint - 40 x 48
Autumn Stream - 30 x 40
Winter Rural Road - 30 x 40
Rural Winter - 36 x 40
Summer Breeze - 30 x 24
Distant Shore - 24 x 20
Tamihi Rapids - 36 x 48
Surf and Sails - 14 x 11
Summer Garden - 24 x 30
Rural Walkers in France - 48 x 36
Lure of the Ocean - 40 x 48
Coquihalla Swamp Land - 40 x 48
Monica - 20 x 24
Rosedale Hockey Scene - 12 x 16
Winter Vista - 8 x 10
I Had a Bite - 20 x 24
A Couple of Sailors - 24 x 20
Windy Surf - 48 x 60
Beach Visitors - 12 x 16
Winter Stream in the Shade - 24 x 30
Sand Treasures - 20 x 24
Reassurance - 10 x 8
Shipmates 2 - 16 x 20
A Little Encouragement - 20 x 24
A Helping Hand - 24 x 18
Vancouver's Georgia Street - 20 x 24
A Lesson in Sailboating - 24 x 20
Farm Yard Hockey - 11 x 14

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