Wayne Bissky
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Wayne Bissky is a Canadian architect. Born in Ottawa Ontario in 1954, he grew up on the prairies, moving with his wife and their four children more than 20 years ago to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia where he still practices. He is a member of the Architectural Institute of BC, The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Wayne is interested in form, space and colour. His work is influenced not only by his profession as an architect, but especially by the openness, bright sunshine, intense climate and pure, clean colours from his prairie youth. He credits his creative interests, sense of colour and design theory to his Icelandic roots on his mothers side.

Watercolour is a metaphor for life to Wayne. The medium must be controlled lightly to allow its greatest assets and beauty to be enjoyed and appreciated. One must learn to "go with the flow" and see each painting as an adventure. Like life, he has learned to accept and celebrate its fluidity, rather than fight against it. "A tightly controlled watercolour painting becomes a muddy, lifeless, boring thing. It has lost its freshness and sense of fleeting immediacy which is its glory."

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California Coast - 8 x 19
Venice, Italy - 5 x 7
Grain Terminal - 5 x 8
Dominion Building - 5 x 8
Granville Island (Fishing Boat) - 8 x 11

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