Slava Tch
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Viatcheslav Tchistiline, studied Fine Art at Kharkov State University and studied Painting, Decorative Art and Interior Design at Kharkov Artistic-Industrial Institute, Ukraine. Slava went to Europe, France, Germany and Holland, to study Dutch painting and has had many exhibitions in Europe. In these earlier years Slava painted in a more realistic style, that are seen in many collections in Germany and France.

With his arrival to Canada, he studied encaustic media, which is very old, traditionally taking its roots in Egypt and Byzantine. Slava's paintings in this media proved to be of great interest to collectors, art dealers and public on the international market.

The "classic" or "basic" encaustic method is ancient; traditionally taking its roots in Europe. It is a very complicated and difficult procedure: the right time management and precise accuracy in detailed work are keys to a successful art piece. Artists usually use paper, canvas, or cardboard to paint on and must prepare the surface beforehand. Application of dry pigment, hot beeswax and paint takes place next. The artist spends a considerable amount of time developing the right colour and achieving the theme of the artwork.

Currently, there has been a resurgence of working in encaustic technique, but artists add their unique touch. The finished artwork is not the subject of the technique but is based on the artist's experience, world and colour perspective. An artist puts a part of his soul in the picture; spirit of time and depending on his/her talent the picture generates you by its colour saturation, dynamics and energy of the painter's spirit.

Available Artwork by Slava Tch

Italian Landscape - 24 x 24
Happy Pair - 36 x 36
The Wind Was Still - II - 9 x 9
Of Parting Day - 8 x 10
Between the Hills - 22 x 28
Mirrors a Still Sky - 20 x 18
Being Near the Land and the Ocean - 24 x 48
The Pure Freshness - 5 x 7
Seafood Delight - 4 x 6
Summer Harmony Song - 5 x 5
Bridge of Hope - 5 x 7
The Golden Days - 8 x 10
And Light Blue Mountains - 5 x 7
Steam Clock Gastown Vancouver - 30 x 30
Vancouver Maple Tree Square - 30 x 40

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