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Born in 1948, Pierre Pivet left his native Normandy, France at five years of age to join his parents and his two brothers in Paris. He grew up in a working-class district in the City of Light. At sixteen, he was obliged by his parents and a lack of means to enter the job market. Inevitably, his pursuit of painting, now a passion, was limited to his free time.

After his parents died in 1969, he quit his job and devoted himself to painting during a two-year sojourn in San Francisco. Back in Paris in 1974, he studied painting for three years at the prestigious Académie de Port-Royal in Paris under the tutelage of professors Claude Schürr, Jean Marzelle and Jean-Maxime Relange. He started exhibiting in Paris, after winning the first price in 1976. Thus began a long artistic career. Voyages of discovery and indelible encounters, including a meeting with painter René Brochard, who became a close friend, have marked his life. In 1983, Pivet left Europe to settle in Montreal, Quebec.

Pivet is a prolific painter and on average, has presented one public solo exhibition a year in various countries since 1973. He has won many accolades throughout his career. In 1982 he was elected for the Prix de Monte Carlo. In 1987, he was the guest of honour at the Falcon Polo Club, Queens Cup in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. He was inspired to paint a series of Polo works for his solo exhibition. In 1997, the French Embassy in Panama featured his work in an exhibition in collaboration with French Ambassador Alain Pallu de Beaupuy.

Pivet’s works are exhibited in Europe and North America and are collected by both corporations and individuals all over the world including Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, Panama, Switzerland, and the United States.

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