James Wood
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Artist Statement

My art relates to a journey, the journey of life. Each piece I create has a personal story which I am happy to share with the viewer. Stories of the past, present or future; of humans and animals; of archeological and palaeontological significance; of geological wonders and forces; and the bonds that tie us to all of these. I love being able to metaphorically link these subjects with each other. What I really wish is that you may relate it to your own life and being. I hope my art brings to mind good feelings, memories or experiences. I hope my art brings a smile, warm feeling or thought, a deeper connection, or maybe even the spark that ignites a new passion in your life. Whatever it may be I hope my art becomes woven into the fabric of your own story and journey.


I was born in Kelowna in 1974 and since then I have had the great pleasure of living in some of the most amazing places in Western Canada including the Okanagan, Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta Badlands and Northern and Southern Vancouver Island.
I have had a very keen interest in the outdoors all of my life and have pursued many excellent pastimes including hiking, fishing, photography and Palaeontology. I have donated many fossils, some the best of their kind, to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller. Art has also been in my blood my whole life. I have done stained glass, clay sculpture, bronze and steel sculpture, oil and acrylic painting, stone carving and other mediums. I have studied nature, received training from several artists including my brother, Robert E Wood and taken many classes and seminars. Art has been a long standing family tradition and has now stretched over 70 years. My father, Karl E Wood, and grandfather, Robert E Wood, were both professional artists.
In the last 12 years I have concentrated my focus on oil and acrylic painting and in the last 4 years the art of stone carving. Stone carving combines my love of the earth, all of the beings that live here, and past Palaeontological and geological marvels in to one wonderful, challenging and rewarding adventure.
In September of 2015 my wife Amanda and I decided that we would like to make Beautiful British Columbia our home again. We now live on Southern Vancouver Island just north of Victoria. I am very excited about the new adventures and being close to new sources of stone and subject matter as both my carving and painting continue to evolve.

Available Artwork by James Wood

Swimming With the Whale Shark - 20 x 16
Play Time - 7 x 14
Fun Along the Way - 16 x 12
Forest Surprise - 9 x 9
Black Diamond - 16 x 9
White Coat - 12 x 10
Arctic Treasure - 10 x 8
Rose Alabaster - 10.5 x 8.5

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