David Clancy
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David Clancy attributes his love of nature and inspiration for his early works to the summers spent in northern Ontario at Lake Nippissing, the most beautiful lake in Canada.

Clancy was born in Toronto in 1950. By age 13 he was painting in oils and at 16 he had received his first commission. At 19, he entered the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr College of Art) in British Columbia where he studied painting, lithography and sculpture. Since graduating in 1972, he has concentrated on carving jade and other natural materials.

Clancy's sculptures have been commissioned by corporations such as Merrill Lynch and Mohawk Oil and sought by private collectors around the world. One of his pieces is owned by the president of Korea while another was given as a gift to the king and queen of Sweden. A highlight of Clancy's career was in 1988 when he led a workshop for Inuit artists on Baffin Island in the Northwest Territories. He still teaches sculpture periodically through local school or municipal programs as a resident artist.

Clancy, who lives with his wife and three children in a seaside community south of Vancouver, remains enthusiastic and committed to his work. He says, "I feel blessed to be an artist, and to live and work so close to nature. I am surrounded by everything I need to be creative."

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Coho Run - 24 x 16

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