Drissia Abid
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Drissia is a Moroccan-Canadian artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
At an early age she possessed a gift for artistic creativity and all her life has celebrated a vivid understanding of colour and composition through her art. She has completely immersed herself in her visions and has gained recognition for her talents which have evolved to inspire both artists and art lovers alike. There is nothing, Drissia says, that gives me more happiness than making art. Drissia’s artistic source has always come from her inner world of ideas, dreams, experiments and impressions. She has traveled to many an exotic destination globally and always manages to bring the colors and patterns of her travels back into her work. This ability, and her success at mastering the craft of painting and sculpture, among other media, have lead Drissia to develop her own unique and breathtaking style. She says that she is always fascinated by her surroundings, by culture, and by her every day personal experiences as well as those who surround her and that it is this which informs her work. In addition to having participated in many group and solo gallery exhibitions Drissia has completed many commissions for portraits, and other paintings as well as sculptures for private art collectors, locally, here in Canada, as well as around the entire world.

Drissia is proudly represented by the following galleries:

-Rendezvous Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada
-Keystone Art Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada and..
-Gallery Diamante, California USA

Available Artwork by Drissia Abid

The Couple - 200cm x 65cm
Cello Player - 198 cm x 62 cm
Violin Player - 195cm x 55cm
The life of instruments - 48 x 36
The siren of spring - 48 x 72
Cubist Dream - 24 x 15
A Bronze Music Fusion-s - 24 x 12

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